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'I recently had a very complicated claim with a garden wall which fell down and was recommended by my broker to employ the services of Assessing Direct. They took over dealing with the Loss Adjusters and made the whole process simple and successful. My insurance company accepted the risk and the wall was repaired.'

- Sophie Dupre, September 2009

'I cannot thank Assessing Direct enough for their help and assistance in this matter. I have no doubt that without Assessing Direct, having met the people instructed directly by our insurers, we would have had a very unsatisfactory outcome to our claim. Whilst there was significant disruption, not having the burden of continually chasing insurers was a great relief. Knowing that our claim was being dealt with in a professional manner, by people who know the system meant that we knew that our claim would eventually be properly settled.

We have now, finally, had the works completed and we are more than happy with the outcome. As Assessing Direct obtained a cash settlement for us, we were able to choose the people to do the work, and we had full control at all times over materials used, and when the works were done. Thank you again.'

- Kay Hartley-Mills, March 2009

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‘Our business suffered severe fire damage on 30 March 2002. Cars, stock and equipment were damaged and it was not possible to continue working at our premises. After the shock of literally seeing our business go up in smoke, we were recommended to Assessing Direct.

They rapidly prepared the material damage claim and met with the insurance company’s’ representatives, the loss adjusters. At the same time, they helped us to organise temporary premises so that we could continue to trade.

During the course of the claim, payments on account were requested from the insurance company to help stem our losses and to compensate for the loss of business we suffered.

Ultimately and with Assessing Direct’s guidance, we moved to our new premises. The claim was a complicated issue and whilst we concentrated on rebuilding our business, they diligently looked after us. Without Assessing Direct, we may not have survived this horrendous event.

We would not hesitate to recommend this company – they have done a very good job for us.’

- Bruce Cooper, Southchurch Refinishers

‘On 18 December 2002, I returned to my home with my children following our pre-Christmas break. We settled in and prepared for an early night. Our office is close to our home and my husband Ronald called in there briefly to check the post that had built up in our absence.

My worst fears were realised when my son came running into my bedroom, screaming over and over that the house was on fire. With my older daughter, we evacuated as quickly as we could (not forgetting the cat and the dogs), as the house filled up with smoke.

The Fire Brigade had been called and the fire-fighters tackled the blaze. The television room had been gutted and the entire house smoke damaged.

Our insurance company instructed their representatives, the loss adjusters, to attend. I was aware that an insurance claim could be a rather complex issue and so I instructed Assessing Direct to deal with the problem for me.

They helped us with the immediate requirement for alternative accommodation and prepared schedules for the contents and building losses. During the course of the claim, they organised payments on account to relieve our financial burden.

All our personal possessions, antiques and general contents items were examined meticulously, checked and dealt with. Samuel Balcombe of Assessing Direct agreed with the insurance company’s loss adjusters which items should be cleaned, which repaired and which replaced. Similarly, the building damage and the reinstatement works that were needed were quantified and agreed so that our home was quickly returned to its pre-fire condition.

Without the help of Assessing Direct, I would have found it impossible to run my business, my temporarily removed household and the insurance claim, which was one ‘juggling ball’ too many! We really appreciate all that they did to help us through an extraordinarily traumatic time, whilst obtaining the best settlement from insurers for us.

- Lyn Duncan, Berkshire

‘My wife and I are extremely grateful to you for your efforts on our behalf, and the patient and diplomatic way you handled our inevitable frustration … It is a relief that the whole business is almost over for us.’

- Mr M K, London

‘At the Finance Committee specific mention was made of your superb efforts – and success – on our behalf in dealing with the insurance claim following the flood. On behalf of the Committee and the community generally please accept our sincerest thanks; we are all very grateful.’

- Belsize Square Synagogue, London

‘You made what could have been a harrowing experience very simple and I am grateful.’

- Dr E S, London

‘I would also like to thank you, Janet and Gillian for all the help and support given to us over the last months and for making an awful situation almost bearable!’

- Kingsway Children’s Centre

‘Finally may I say, as always, that it has been a great pleasure to work with you on this file.’

- Lovells, London

‘I thank you most sincerely for all your help and assistance, also please thank Gillian and your team.’

- Suburban & County Care Ltd, Middlesex

‘It was a pleasure working with you and I hope that the opportunity arises again in the future.’

- Lamberts Chartered Surveyors, London

‘Thank you for your letter dated 14 April and I too am exceptionally glad that this matter has been resolved. Many thanks for your assistance.’

- Elman Wall, London

‘With the insurance market being as it is at the moment, it is essential that clients are dealing with companies such as ours and yours where we strive to continue to give the level of service they have enjoyed in the past.’

- Insurance Brokers, Middlesex

‘In the past I had just given up when faced with the delay and bureaucracy of processing an insurance claim … But faced with a large loss from a fire and the insurers’ reluctance to accept liability, I went to Assessing Direct (on advice from a friend) and realised that claims can be satisfied when pursued by professionals.’

- David Collins Architecture & Design, London

‘We requested Assessing Direct to act for us in respect of a water damage claim to a commercial property and found them to be extremely helpful and efficient, taking out the strain of dealing with insurer's loss adjusters. Highly recommended.’

- The Berkeley Estates

Claim Gallery

Southchurch Refinishersdescription

Fire damage at Southchurch Refinishers.

Subsidence Crackingdescription

Cracking caused by subsidence.

Fire Damagedescription

Fire damage to a private residence.

Subsidence Cracksdescription

Subsidence related cracking to a garden wall and pavement.

Subsidence Worksdescription

Works in progress on a subsiding property.

Subsidence CracksIndustrial Fire

Fire damage to an industrial property.

Explosion Damagedescription

Damage following an explosion at a commercial bakery.

Auto Firedescription

Fire at an automotive repair yard.

Subsidence Cracksdescription

Fire damage to a residential kitchen.

Water Damagedescription

Damage caused by ingress of water.

All photographs in the Claim Gallery are from our files, and all are of actual clients' claims we have assisted on.

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