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Why Employ a Loss Assessor?

The devastation caused by a fire, flood or theft can create untold misery and leave a policy holder feeling confused and alone in the insurance claim procedure. Insurance companies appoint their own representatives, usually loss adjusters or claims handlers, who become the insurance company's eyes and ears and will advise them on how to proceed. But what help exists for you?

Loss adjusters may advise on claim preparation however they would not do the work for a policyholder and indeed, they have no obligation to do so. This is when the loss assessor becomes your closest ally. The householder wants to resume normal life as soon as possible; the business proprietor knows how their business runs on a daily basis. Neither one, however, prepares, submits and negotiates an insurance claim as part of their daily routine.

At Assessing Direct, obtaining the best possible settlement for you in the shortest time is our sole priority. So just as insurers appoint loss adjusters, you as the policyholder should have the representation provided by a loss assessor.

Commercial Losses

Assessing Direct takes over the entire preparation and negotiation of all aspects of the claim and the policyholder is able to concentrate on what they do best: re-establishing their business and dealing with customers and staff whilst planning for the future.

Damage to stock, plant, fixtures and fittings is assessed and these items are listed. Estimates are obtained dependent upon whether replacement or repair is indicated. Building damage is ascertained and a surveyor will prepare a schedule for reinstatement. Scope of work is agreed with the loss adjusters and the schedule is put out to tender. Our loss assessor helps with temporary or alternative premises should it prove impossible to trade from the original location. All necessary documentation is completed whilst the claim is underway, to ensure that interim payments are made by insurers to ease potential cash flow problems. A claim will be formulated for any such increased costs as well as for the complex matter of business interruption. Pre-claim and anticipated turnover must be established and an evaluation is made of lost profits by monitoring trading once it has resumed and until it returns to normal.

Domestic Losses

The above procedure for commercial losses is not so different for a domestic claim. Contents are listed and valued, estimates are obtained, schedules are prepared and agreed for building reinstatement and alternative accommodation will be sought if required.

At all times our loss assessor will bear in mind that this is a highly emotional and traumatic time for a policyholder, and will provide all the support that is available to you from experienced professionals.

Helping You Help Insurers

In addition to the invaluable services Assessing Direct offers to our clients, we can also be of great help to the loss adjuster and their principals, your insurers. Our loss assessor will ensure compliance with any conditions contained within your policy regarding such matters as claim presentation and restrictions to sums insured. We will also advise you regarding your duty to mitigate losses wherever possible.

Making the Most of Your Policy

When a business or household submits a claim, it may be the first test of whether they are correctly insured and have chosen the right policy. Whilst some insurance companies or brokers may consider that insurance policies are now so simple and straightforward that there is no need to pay a third party to deal with a claim, all policies are different, containing diverse conditions and affording varying cover.

In the current economic climate, everyone is seeking to make savings wherever possible. Clients may ignore the best advice of their brokers when seeking the the most preferential price, and this can result in the cover not being as comprehensive as it should be. Although this can be the surest route to difficulties, it is our task to present the claim in the best way possible under the terms of the chosen policy.

Our Knowledge & Experience

Assessing Direct has more than 30 years' experience and technical expertise, and all of this is knowledge is used for your benefit as the claimant. As well as interpreting policy documents, our loss assessor will also look into other contracts that may be relevant, such as leases and leasing agreements, to ensure that all claims are presented under the right headings to the correct parties, as quickly as possible. We also have access to the professional expertise of reputable firms of surveyors, builders, restorers, lawyers and accountants where required.

Ready to Make Contact?

If you are ready to contact us about your claim, we are happy to offer you some advice by phone or email before arranging a no-obligation site meeting to inspect the damage. Call us now on 020 7625 2500 or email us on Our full contact details can be found here.

Claim Gallery

Business Interuptiondescription

Business interruption on a busy City street.


Property after escape of effluent from sewer.


Fire damage at an auto repair yard.

Storm Damagedescription

A storm damaged roof.


Damage caused by subsidence.

All photographs in the Claim Gallery are from our files, and all are of actual clients' claims we have assisted on.

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